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Rabbit Skin Glue

Rabbit Skin Glue£9.00

Traditional Rabbit Skin Glue

Accelerator for superglue

Accelerator for superglue£7.20

Reduce the drying time of Superglues with this accelerator.

Pearl Glue

Pearl Glue£5.00

Traditional Pearl Glue

Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue 125g

Cascamite Powdered Resin Wood Glue 125g£4.50

Traditional powdered wood glue

Debonder for Superglue

Debonder for Superglue£4.50

Unstick Superglue and clean up accidents with DeBonder


Superglue£4.20  -  £9.00

When you want to bond two surfaces together quickly and efficiently theres nothing much that beats a cyanoacrylate superglue.

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue£3.50

Not the gorilla glue from the tv advert. This ia a pva wood glue, fast drying and suitable for interior or exterior use.


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