Accent strips and Abrasives

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Fretboard Blanks for Cigar Box Guitars

Fretboard Blanks for Cigar Box Guitars£5.00  -  £7.00

Turner's abrasive

Turner's abrasive£3.60  -  £4.50

Specially selected abrasives chosen with turners in mind

Accent Strips For Guitar Building

Accent Strips For Guitar Building£7.50  -  £11.00

Thin strips for applying acent strips to guitar and bass bodies and necks

Micromesh Sheets

Micromesh Sheets£1.70  -  £10.00

Cloth backed Micro-mesh sheets

Wet and Dry Paper

Wet and Dry Paper£1.14

Klingspor Net Disks, velcro backed

Klingspor Net Disks, velcro backed£0.72  -  £36.00

Klingspor net abrasive, Velcro backed

Small sheets Ceramic Abrasive

Small sheets Ceramic Abrasive£0.70  -  £12.00

Sanding Sponge

Sanding Sponge£0.06

100 grit Sanding Sponge- double sided


Page 1 of 1:    8 Items