A wide range of abrasive and polishing materials including Zirconium belts and pads for a range of machines cloth, paper and velcro backed abrasives, wire wool and sanding pads. IAlso available for mail order, a wide range of quality abrasives from Pheonix Naylors Abrasives:- Belts, Rolls, Pads and Sheets. Available in Aluminium oxide and Zirconium.

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200mm by 750mm Floor sanding belts by Naylors

200mm by 750mm Floor sanding belts by Naylors£29.00  -  £41.50

Heavy duty Silicon Carbide paper - for renovating, sanding and fine finishing on wooden floors

Klingspor Abrasives Range

Klingspor Abrasives Range£0.35  -  £13.11

Top quality abrasives from German company Klingspor

Flexovit Abrasives

Flexovit Abrasives£1.38  -  £7.20

Precut abrasives for a range of machines from Flexovit

Turner's abrasive

Turner's abrasive£3.50  -  £4.50

Specially selected abrasives chosen with turners in mind

Trollull Wire Wool

Trollull Wire Wool£4.38

Trollull 0000 Grade Wire Wool

Steel Wool from Chestnut Products

Steel Wool from Chestnut Products£3.50  -  £14.00

Steel wool for applying finishes and as an abrasive, 0000 grade is used to cut back between coats or to dull finishes

Zirconium belts for belt sanders

Zirconium belts for belt sanders£1.46  -  £24.19

Zirconium Abrasive Belts for sanding of wood metal and stainless steel

Liberon Wire Wool

Liberon Wire Wool£2.70

Wire Wool

Cork sanding block

Cork sanding block£1.70

Cork Sanding Block

SIANET Mesh Abrasive

SIANET Mesh Abrasive£0.45

Mesh type abrasive (very) similar to abranet


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