A wide range of abrasive and polishing materials including Zirconium belts and pads for a range of machines cloth, paper and velcro backed abrasives, wire wool and sanding pads. IAlso available for mail order, a wide range of quality abrasives from Pheonix Naylors Abrasives:- Belts, Rolls, Pads and Sheets. Available in Aluminium oxide and Zirconium.

Pro-edge Belts

Zirconium and Ceramic belts to fit Robert Sorby Pro-edge machine and Axminster Trade Ultimate Edge Sharpening System

Grinding Wheels

A range of high quality Grinding wheels Manufactured by Kinik


Abrasive guide


Aluminium Oxide- This is the traditional go to grit for quality sanding, Typically brown it is tough and has reasonable wear qualities for wood and paint, ideal for hand sanding. Also available in various colours, often to identify the different paper weights.

Zirconium- Usually Blue ( watch out as some very cheep brands are selling their Al-ox in Blue) Zirconium comes form the stainless steel fabrication industry, now ubiquitous in floor sanding and becoming the belt of choice for general woodworking, one blue belt should outlast a full pack of brown belts. Faster removing and longer lasting than Al-ox, available up to 120 grit, use also for tool sharpening.

Ceramic (various colours) Harder than Zirconium and available in higher grits. very long lasting and capable of sanding very tough materials including carbide. Popular as a higher grade belt, suitable for all belt machines and the best choice for random orbit sanders.


Paper - Use paper for all hand sanding, sold by weight from A to G, A, B and C are fine flexible papers for hand sanding, heavier papers are used for machine use.

Cloth,- used for belts cloth is usually used as a hidden saving on cheaper belts although the extra flexibility require it's use on higher grits such as my ceramic range above 120 grit.

Polyester- a very tough backing used for heavy use on belts, all my Zirconium belts are polyester backed. An important aspect of general belt quality.

Fibres- the backing on quality  disks when mounted on a rubber backing pad.

Mesh- a velcro backed mesh with al-ox abrasive, hardwearing and not prone to clogging, a very popular choice although ceramic disks are preferred where the item being sanded has edges or roughness which can catch the mesh.


Glue is used on cheap abrasives, Resin is much better and is used throughout the range.

Joint (Belt)

most belts are either overlapping or joined with a thin adhesive tape on the back. only the taped joint is acceptable, it gives an almost flush joint and is very strong.


Many of the papers are stearate coated which reduces clogging at a modest cost increase