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Dressed Hardwood boards

Dressed Hardwood boards
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Boards are dressed both faces for final sanding, the edges are cleaned up but will require machining if you plan to joint them, the boards can be slightly longer or wider than stated but the thickness is accurate, small knots, sapwood and slight planer snipe may be present.

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Maple is a dense hardwood, almost white with an attractive figure coming from the darker lines of latewood, it works easily and achieves a high shine finish, goes well with Walnut in two-tone projects

Walnut is a popular timber for it's attractive figure and deep brown colour, it is easy to work and benefits from an oil based finish, heartwood is deep brown while sapwood is paler and creamy, often contains areas of swirling figure called feather grain which is caused by being close to side branches or crotches, these are specially attractive, boards of walnut can display wide varieties of colour.

Panga Panga is dense and difficult to work, however it is attractive and is a best seller in store.

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